Thursday, July 31, 2008


Looking back on my last post I now realize that I need a LOT of help with my writing. It sucks. The lack of clarity and cohesiveness is apparent from the very beginning. Ugh.

Anyway, wish me luck folks, I got an algebra final tonight and then I gotta red-eye it to Colorado for my grandparents 50th anniversary. Luckily, I am trading vehicles with my Grandpa; he's going to drive around the Chevy and I get to roll in a mint-condition, 1993 Toyota Tercel: a two door, 4-speed sedan that oozes sexiness. If I wasn't madly in love with a sexy Nordic senorita, I'd be rolling in a Tercel all day, every day, as it is a known fact that Tercels are proven "panty droppers".

Colorado is a beautiful place. I can't wait to see all my family and start mixing it up with a little bit of political rhetoric. Poor suckas. You see, the folks on my dad's side of the family do not like to engage in philosophical conversation because the majority of 'em are populists, and philosophy is not their forte. They are the kind of folks who would rather work hard, live honestly, and keep it simple rather than engage in constructive (or destructive) dialogue concerning the good ole' U.S. of A., which is exactly the reason I love to bring up politics at the dinner table. I can't wait to see them! Also, my young cousin Bryan just graduated high school, so I'm looking forward to see how much he has matured as a young adult.

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