Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hanging out in Wiamoase

Wiamoase is a little town about the size of Placerville, located waaaaaay out in the sticks (here, they call it the bush). Its citizens are the most friendly people you'll ever meet. Anna and I have been busy working for my aunt Chealsea compiling information on teenagers in the area. Below are some pictures of the road we walk nearly every day to get into town (the school we are staying on is about four miles from the market, or main square of Wiamoase).

The children in this town are so funny. Every time they see us walking, they gather en masse and shout "obroni" (which means white person) or "what is your name?" or "goodbye!" as loud as they can. Lately, there have been a lot of cat calls saying "Jesus!" or "Yesu" directed at yours truly. I absolutely love it.
Every Saturday the kids who board into school, do their laundry. This is the view of laundry day from Mike and Chelsea's apartment.

I'd like to blog more, in fact, I've got a bunch of writing material and plenty of pictures, but it took me over an hour just to get this little bit set-up in a way I could tolerate. If you guys are lucky I'll get more crap on here, but it isn't very likely. I just don't have the patience.



Carrie said...

Finally! You need to update more, even if it's not with pictures! I am really surprised to hear that you don't have the patience :)

I'm glad you're enjoying the children - they are adorable. Sounds like you're keeping busy helping Chelsea. Is Anna going to work at the home? Are you going to continue to help Chelsea or work somewhere else?

kimbot said...

I love the pictures, b! Those kids look absolutley happy. Tell Anna we were all talking about exotic she looks with her hair like that. Seriously.