Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Ploppers Are Pure Chocolate

bob marley is one of my most important influences in life. his music really got me through a lot of pain and trials. you can always count on bob marley and the wailers to brighten up your mood, anytime, anywhere. his passion for confronting power through music never fails to send a gentle warmth through my body. bob marley lets me know that i'm not alone in confronting the world's problems. bob marley's music comforts the soul. i sometimes reminisce about the days i used to spend drinking away my problems. my family and friends couldn't help me the way bob did. he could sooth my haunted soul the way no one else at the time could.

i was so ecstatic when the tro-tros in ghana would blast (full-volume!) bob marley and the wailers music. his voice and his message truly transcend all humanity's petty social parameters. i wish my friend matt could hear his voice one more time. i wish he could've heard bob marley coax him in to forgetting his troubles and just dance. i wish matt could've heard bob marley sooth him into forgetting his sorrows and just dance. my dear friend matt raymond is a wonderful person. no, i take that back. he is beautiful. a beautiful individual with dreams and passions unmatched by any other living being on the planet. his love of the world is a lot like bob marley's, though his artistic expression is much different. bob marley's great talent to the world was his music. his soul was manifested into the human conscious through his melodious voice and steadfast message. my dear friend's great talent in life is much more simple: he is thoughtful. in all my years that i have known matt raymond, never have i ceased to be amazed at his ability to remember the needs and wants of those whom he cares about. whether it meant going the extra mile to pick up a friend without a ride or helping to put up christmas lights or clean the yard, matt raymond was thinking of others.

my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, old friend. may Christ, the savior of souls, comfort your faithful family. may He dwell within their broken hearts and strengthen their bonds of blood. I know He will show you mercy at the day of judgement, old friend. your heart is as pure as your head is murky. someday, old friend, we will see each other again. whether it be in this life or the next, i do not know. what i do know for sure is that bob marley and the great Redeemer will continue to comfort me in times of darkness.

what is death?

the shatterer of worlds?

the demon of truth?

the bearer of darkness?


Carrie said...

Matt is a thoughtful young man. I will always remember him coming over to hang our Christmas lights and clean out our rain gutters because, as he put it, "I know both your boys are gone and there must be something you need help with in the yard." Very thoughtful.

My hope is that now he will get the help he needs to clear up the murkiness. I need to send his family a note this week, now that the press has left them alone.

kimbot said...

Branz, my thoughts are with Matt and his family. I remember when we had first moved to the Ville, we were all hanging out at grandpa's and ashley and I decided to walk downtown. He insisted on walking us all the way to the big street so we wouldn't be alone. And he scared off those mean dogs that lived down the street from g-pa on the way down to the street.(they still scare me.) He was very thoughtful.
He also was the nicest of all your frinds to me. He'd never taunt me at school, always said hi.