Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dead Aid and the Wonders of Technology and Liberty

If y'all are interested in why Africa is mired in poverty, this economist provides a great economic explanation for the poverty. While my interest in explaining Africa and exposing its greatness to others will focus on laws and politics, being able to understand economics (the study of the working of the means-ends principle in human affairs) only strengthens my understanding of the region and the wonderful people who inhabit it. Africans are truly the kindest, gentlest people on the entire planet.

In other news, this blog statement brought tears to my eyes. As the internet becomes available to more and more people, governments and the tyranny they represent will continue to struggle to be seen as legitimate. Without the internet and its ability to promote ideas unhindered by government censors and regulators, the people of the world would still have difficulties discovering why there is so much trouble in the world today. The revolution lives on. Don't Tread on Me!


Carrie said...

I read the post - I can't believe anyone in Turkey knows about Ron Paul, but how incredibly cool!

When is your lease up with Crazy and where will you go after that? When is Anna coming home?

The Crackshot Crackpot said...

Not just anyone - EVERYONE!! I guess the biggest reason Muslims in the Middle East realize that President Obama doesn't represent any real change is because he has already killed so many of their friends and family members since taking office. What a thug. The rest of the world will figure out the charade soon enough.

I'm headed home for the summer, so don't get too comfy, although I won't be around much...