Friday, June 19, 2009

San Francisco

I made it through my first seminar this week. I think the main difference between State education and the seminar I attended is rather striking. State education attempts to tell me what is wrong with the world, while this seminar explained why the world is suffering and how to go about making it a better place.

I am definitely looking forward to the FEE seminar on history next week. I expect to gain new insights on how our society, and the world in general, has arrived at such a sorry state of affairs.

Aside from this, I was good to see my old friend Marcos, and catch up with him. He will be graduating from San Francisco State (home of the Gators!) this December, and I am very proud of him. Also, I get to see an old friend pursue his lifelong passion for theatre on Saturday night.

The only thing missing is that huge chunk in my heart from not being able to wake up next to my love, Anna Louise Gammelgard, every single morning. She is the light that radiates my soul from the moment I wake to the second I fall asleep.

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