Friday, February 19, 2010

This Lettuce Looks Like Harrison Ford

I talked with an old friend yesterday. He's buying his first house - its for his wife, child, and any future members of his family.

He told me how he was thinking to himself the other day that all he wanted to do was grab a backpack and GO! - just like Brandon.

I have lived a life that most people in this world only dream about.

The streets are calling my name. I know I have to think about the future now, but I just want to disappear. I want to beg on the streets of San Francisco and walk from Santa Cruz, California to San Jose, Costa Rica. Conformity is taking its toll. I am not challenged in the least bit this semester. Balancing a job and a paltry five classes is like clockwork.

Life has lost its luster. I yearn to drop out of civilization and live from day to day. Conformity has me in her cold grips now. I must finish school. I must keep making goals. I must keep progressing.

Good lord, I think its time I do something crazy and unexpected.

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