Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dead Trees

When I first laid eyes on you
There was something inside of me
That told me the truth:

You were a very special person
Who was going to affect my life
In a beautiful way

I never dreamed
That life could ever be so full
Like the sun in the sky

I was so in love with you
And with the fact
That it was unconditional

I took a walk through town the other day
And I saw the old avocado tree
That I had planted for you

It was a mere stump
And its branches were cut up
By man-made steel and stacked

According to size
The dead leaves had all been blown away
By the cold winter storm

I was a dick
I am a dick (or a bitch)
I will always be a dick (or a bitch)

And so you left me
But surely

And found another lover
Within the blink of an eye

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