Saturday, March 5, 2011

Stats of the Week

Okay, so it looks like UCLA has pulled ahead and now has 41% of the vote! Yeah!

As for browser statistics, here is the breakdown for this week: Explorer wins out again with 41% of the "hits".
Google's Chrome has 23%
Mozilla's Firefox hauled in 19% of the "hits"
and Apple's Safari browser was represented 12% of the time (I wonder if the EU and the US "regulation bureaus" are going to slap Macintosh with a lawsuit for "unfair business practices" the way they did to Microsoft for using Explorer).

Fun, huh!? I also came to the conclusion of where I got my penchant for self-delusion and the ability to blame others for my mistakes: the apple doesn't fall from the tree, and I'm a bit dismayed at all of the nasty notes I got from BOTH sides of my family regarding bigotry.

But you guys are absolutely right: I never, ever, ever learned any negative stereotypes about blacks, Hispanics, or homosexuals from you guys. Never. All the bigoted stuff I learned about minorities and especially homosexuals came from my teenage friends and from television.

Haha! I have so much homework its not even funny. But first, homeless shelter duties (I've been there over a year now!) and then Togos (I've been there over two!). One thing I've learned about women and how to tell if they are mentally stable or not is to judge them by their ability to hold down a job. If a woman is constantly losing a job or switching jobs or whatever, then there is a good probability that she is a bit crazy and/or self-absorbed.

Women who tend to be able to hold down a job and work through rough patches and tough times tend to be women with good hearts, intelligent minds, stable mood swings (these are unavoidable with women) and really, really nice asses.

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Carrie said...

New blog address, please, and my comment about bigotry was not nasty :)